Off-Site Language Courses

Learn at your preferred location in Bangkok

We have a structured set of training courses and normally would aim to deliver these as Private Lessons at our Language School. However, it is often not convenient because of work and family commitments to do this. For this reason we offer Off-Site training at your Office, Home or a location of your choice.

Experience has told us also that often learning can be accelerated when the learning situation are real, ie shopping, eating, drinking coffee, traveling etc for this reason we are happy to go Off-Site to help you with your learning …Within reason! After all, learning does not only take place in the Thai Language School.

Mix and Match – These alternative Off-Site Training Options can be mixed with a school classroom based learning program and learning online or used as stand alone training options ie if you want to learn only in coffee shops, at home or work this would present no problem.

@ Your Office – ‘At Your Desk Training’

‘At Your Desk Training’ – for busy executives who are time constrained. We will develop a bespoke Language Course and will deliver the classes at your place of work maximizing your time efficiency.We have many managers who do not have time to attend classes at our school or it is convenient to attend classes at their office. We have and do deliver many classes to managers who are unable to attend lessons at school but require a knowledge of Thai to help with their work.

@ Your Home

‘Home-based Training’ is training for those who are unable to get away from their homes to attend other training options. This could be as you do not have the time to travel, you run your own business from home, you are a housewife …or it is just convenient. We come to your house and deliver high quality training it is as easy as this.

@ the Coffee Shop

‘Coffee Shop Training’ has been a popular alternative to classroom learning. Students either with limited time or living too far from the school for regular attendance have been using this service. Meet at a quiet coffee shop of your choice and we will deliver short tailored Language lessons whilst you can enjoy a good beverage.

Walk About

‘Walk About Training’, the concept here is you learn better in situations = ‘Situational Learning’. Take your language teacher into simple situations where you wish to improve your language ie shopping, eating, travelling on BTS/MRT and practice and learn through practical real examples and build your vocabulary. This can be as simple as walking out into the Soi or taking a trip to Central or a Wat.


Corporate Group Language Courses

Should you have a large group of individuals wishing to cover specific Language learning goals we would happily tailor a course to meets these goals. Often these  Language Courses cover more than language including many cultural aspects for those new to Thailand or Western languages. Examples would be, meeting and greeting, family relationships, getting around or may be more work specific.


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