Thai Language or English Language Delivery

Mix and Match a Perfect Delivery Program for you

Learn Thai OnlineLearn Thai at our Thai Language School on Sukhumvit Soi 43Learn Thai anywhere in Bangkok, at home, a coffeshop...

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  • At Thai Language Hut we offer probably the widest set of delivery options and maximum flexibility of any language school in Thailand. We offer such a wide and varied set of delivery options to maximize your opportunities to learn
  • Training is sold in blocks of hours it is up to you how to best use them
  • You may create a program comprising any of these offerings in any order to fit in with your life and training needs
  • All private training is open for 1 year leaving you plenty of time to use your training

How do our students use our delivery offerings?

  • Some are not intending to come to Thailand but simply want to Learn Thai Online or Learn English Online
  • Many students use Learn Online language training in combination with attending the school
  • Others are using Learn Online Skype training to support and reinforce their face to face learning when travelling
  • Most want to attend lessons at school (& sometimes their plans change and they learn online also!).
  • Many students are busy managers who prefer to have training at their office or home and use Learn Online Skype training whilst travelling or simply to take a break from their schedule
  • We use the same books, same and charge the same prices for Learn Online Training and Training at our school. These are interchangeable. Onsite training we need to charge more to compensate travel of our teachers but we are able to build a program including this too.


Thai Language Hut takes a practical student-focused approach to deliver Thai Language and English Language Courses. Our systematic process of Language Educational Needs Assessment (LENA) and tailored training delivers confidence and accelerates learning. Within the classroom, we use our own methodology called ‘Active Learning’ to deliver the training. This is a stimulating delivery style using a combination of book, games, interaction and ‘Walk About Training’ in an assessable manner.

Language of Educational Needs Assessment

The LENA is a useful 1-hour assessment with our friendly and expert Thai Language or English Language Teachers giving you a chance to meet us and evaluate our training materials and approach (methodology) and for us to understand what your present capabilities are and what would be the most appropriate learning style/teacher for you.

The LENA is completed in a friendly informal and interactive way as follows:

  1. We firstly assess our student’s capability in Thai or English Language
  2. Then understand the previous educational experience, what worked and what not worked
  3. From this, we agree objectives, goals and approach with our student
  4. Then agree a time frame for delivery, classes


Free Trials are available to Learn Thai Online or to Learn English Online or learn either language our school. These take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Option 1 – Paid 2 Hour Trial Thai/English Lesson

Finding it difficult to choose a language school? Then come and try our school for 2 hours for 1000 baht. The lesson will focus on basic conversation, sounds and tones. We are confident you will find our approach and teachers refreshingly different.

Option 2 – Thai Language Surgery or English Language Surgery

Having a language problem? Need help with language in a particular situation? Then take your problem to the Language Surgery and get a diagnosis. We will help you with vocabulary, phrases, sounds and tones to give you confidence.

Situations such

  • Shopping
  • Dealing with Thai staff
  • Polite greetings
  • Dealing with police/legal profession
  • Etc

Option 3 – Standard Courses and Short Courses

Each course takes approximately 90 hours to deliver depending on the ability and commitment of the student.

The 90-hour program is the normal time it takes for a beginner to complete one of our training courses. We recommend booking 90 hours, it is more cost-effective and you can commit to making some real progress. Please see the Pricing section (Thai / English) for more information regarding training costs and packages.

Depending on your learning goals and ability Thai or English Language Courses can be delivered as Online, Standard, Active or Intense delivery.

  • Online – 1 hour per session (this can be increased on demand)
  • Standard – 2 hours in one session x 3/4sessions a week
  • Active – 2 hours in one session x 5-6 sessions a week
  • Intense – Immersion we recommend a minimum of 2 x 2 hours sessions a day. 1 x morning and 1 x afternoon = 10-12 sessions a week. We have some students doing as much as 6 hours a day in units of 2 hours. We build a special schedule for such students and use 3-4 teachers per day to keep the lessons fresh and interesting.

Training does not have to be booked in large blocks of hours. Please check our fees page to see our pricing options.

Option 4 – Thai Tourist Training

This course was opened due to popular demand from friends of Thai Language Hut students’ travelling Thailand and wishing to arm themselves with some basic Thai to help grasp some basic phrases. The course is built around the Benjawan Poomsan Becker Phrase Book, Thai for Travellers and covers introduction to Thai sounds and basic phrases to help travellers to converse.

The Tourist Course is a course of either two hours/four hours or 6 hours and is taught as a private 1 to 1 class either online or at our school in Bangkok.