Beginners Package – Thai Language Fees

The following are discounted Thai Language Course packages of training, books and media based on 90 hours of training at our Thai Language School, Onsite and/or Learn Thai Online using Skype.

Why 90 hours? 90 hours is the average time a student takes to progress from Beginner to Intermediate. This is the foundation for all your Thai learning so we recommend you invest time and money to get this right; this will save you a lot of time, money and frustration later on!

The discounts listed here are for courses started Onsite (at our school). Should you wish to book Offsite training (at the Home, office, coffee shop etc) or Learn Thai Online only we recommend ordering training and materials separately. We will be happy to help you with recommendations for your individual needs.

There are 3 Beginner Thai Language Packages on offer Basic, Standard and Complete.

The training is the same for each package. The only difference is in the number of bundled materials for each Package.

Beginner Thai Language Course Fees

Basic Standard Complete
90 hours Private 1 to 1 training at our school or online
Thai for Beginners Book + CDs – Paiboon Pbl.
Three-Way Thai-English English – Thai Dictionary
Improving your Thai Pronunciation CD – Paiboon Pbl.
Practical Thai Conversation I DVD + Booklet – Paiboon Pbl.
Practical Thai Conversation II DVD + Booklet – Paiboon Pbl.
Speak like A Thai Volume 1 (Contemporary Thai Expressions) CD + Booklet – Paiboon Pbl.
Speak like A Thai Volume 2 (Thai Slang and Idioms) CD + Booklet – Paiboon Pbl.
Speak like A Thai Volume 3 (Thai Proverbs and Sayings) CD + Booklet – Paiboon Pbl.
Thai for Intermediate Learners + CDs – Paiboon Pbl.
THB 51,950THB 52,600 THB 54,400
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All materials are printed by Paiboon Publishing and are authored by Benjawan Poomsan Becker. There is a full curriculum of books and supporting material to take your learning from beginner to expert using the same phonetic through-out. Detailed Beginners course content is available in the Courses section.

Payments for packages need to be made in full at our Thai Language School before starting your training course.

Full Terms and Conditions and Payment Options follow this link