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Learn Thai Phrase | How to Make Enquiries About Travel Arrangements

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Learn Thai Phrase | How to Make Enquiries About Travel Arrangements

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Travel outside Bangkok is cheap and convenient. Perhaps the best way to travel up country is by air-conditioned tour bus; if you can arrange for a daytime rather than overnight departure, this will give you a good opportunity to get some impression of the rural landscape in relative comfort. Tour buses are operated both by the state-owned Mass Transport Organization (MTO) and private companies. They operate a frequent and efficient service to every province in the country. Refreshments are served en route and, on longer journeys, a simple meal is provided at a highway cafe on showing your ticket. When travelling up country it is normally necessary to book in advance. MTO buses, or ‘rót tua’ as they are known by the Thai acronymn, can be booked at the Northern, Eastern or Southern Bus Terminals.

Key phrases and expressions

How to:

1) ask where to book tickets

  • จองตั๋วที่ไหน / jɔɔng dtǔa tîi nǎi

2) ask what time the bus leaves/arrives

  • รถออกกี่โมง / rót ɔ̀ɔk gìi moong
  • รถถึงกี่โมง / rót tǔng gìi moong

3) ask how long the journey takes

  • ใช้เวลาเดินทางกี่ชั่วโมง / chái wee-laa dəən taang gìi chûa-moong

4) ask where to get on(off) the bus

  • ขึ้น(ลง)รถที่ไหน / kǔn(long) rót tîi nǎi


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