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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar | Question Word – ‘Yes / No’ ……châi mái?

Yes No Questions in Thai Language ‘Yes / No’ question: ……châi mái?

Hi everyone,

Today we will learn Thai grammar,

The question particle “……châi mái?” is tagged onto the end of a statement to transform it into a confirmation-seeking question, rather like: ……isn’t it? ,  …..isn’t that right? / ……is that right? / ……is that true?

In English, it can be used for checking that you have heard or understood correctly what has just been said ….. châi mái? Questions are answered either châi (Yes) or mâi châi (No).

*châi = yes, I agree, correct, right, indeed, that’s so
*mái  = [word added at the end of a statement to indicate a question]

1. Q: kun bpen kon Thai châi mái? (Are you Thai?)

A: châi (Yes.) mâi châi (No.)

2. Q: kun mii nǎng-sǔu châi mái? (You have a book don’t you?)

A: châi (Yes.) mâi châi (No.)

3. Q: nîi bpen din-sכ̆כ kכ̌כng kun châi mái? (Is this your pencil isn’t it?)

A: châi (Yes.) mâi châi (No.)

4. Q: nân bpàak-gaa châi mái? (That is a pen isn’t?)

A: châi (Yes.) mâi châi (No.)

Hope you enjoy learning Thai grammar:)

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