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Learn Thai: Expression Why is that so | tam-mai + Adjective+ jang-ləəi”

Thai Expression | Why is that soWhy is that so Thai Expression

Sà-wàt-dii kâ,

Hi everyone welcome back again for our Thai online lesson with Thai Language Hut school. In this online Thai lesson we are going to learn a one of useful Thai expression to make a sentence stronger or to emphasize something that” too much or too very”. It’s also similar to a surprise o question with no need to reply.

Let’s start to learn something new together kâ

The structure

tam-ami + Adjective + jang ləəi( ทำไม….จังเลย)

Why so +  Adjective ??!!!!

Here is a new vocabulary to practice.

kà-yǎn     = diligent, hardworking

For example.

1.tam-mai kun kà-yǎn jang-ləəi?!! rian paa-sǎa Thai túk-wan.

ทำไมคุณขยันจังเลย เรียนภาษาไทยทุกวัน

You are learning Thai every day, why do you work so hard??!!

2.tam-mai wanníi rɔ́ɔn jang-ləəi


Why today is so hot??!!

3.tam-mai aa-hǎan Thai à-rɔ̀i  jang-ləəi


Why is Thai food iso delicious ??!!

I hope you enjoy learning Thai online with our lesson.

Don’t forget to practice Thai ná kâ.

Thai Language Teacher