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Learn Thai |Exclamatory Particles

Thai LanguageThai Made Easy Exclamatory Particles คำอุทาน

Hi everyone, in this online lesson we’ll learn some exclamatory particles.

อุ๊ย/úi/                      =  Ouch! , Oops!

อ้าว/âao/                  =  Hey! , Oh!(Is that so?)

โอ้โฮ/ôo hoo/           = Wow! , Oh yeah?

ต๊าย/dtáai/               = Good Lord! (More common in female speech.)

เอ๊ะ/é/                       = Eh? , What?

อ้อ/âw/                     = Ah!(Now I understand.)

เฮ้ย/hêri/                  = Hey! , Hold on a minute!

แหม/mǎe/                 = Goodness!

เอ๊/ée/                        = Ermm………

Enjoy using these with your Thai friends ..and look out for these particles in film and radio.

Thai Language Teacher