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Learn Thai Question | Can you…?

Learn Thai Question- “Can you…?”Can you in Thai Language

Hi everyone,

How are you getting on with your Thai language? Do you speak Thai every day?

I would like to introduce you to more Thai conversations and this time we will learn about how to ask and answer the “can” question.

The key word here is “dâi mái?” = can…?

How do we use it?

In English you put the word “can” in the beginning of the question, but we put “dâi mái?” at the end.

Structure :      

affirmative sentence +  “dâi mái?”  = Can question in Thai


For example;

[1] Can you speak Thai?

= Kun(you) pûut (speak) pa-sǎ-tai (Thai language)dâi mái?


[2] Can you eat spicy food?

      = Kun gin (eat) pèt (spicy) dâi mái?


Now let’s see how to answer the “dâi mái?” question.

 To answer “Yes, I can“, we say dâi“.

 To answer “No, I can’t“, we saymâi dâi


As always please make it polite by saying “ká” at the end of the sentence for female speaker and “kráp” for male speaker.

For example;

Can you write in Thai?

kun kěan (write) pa-sǎ-tai dâi mái?

Yes, I can  =  dâi ká (for female speaker) or  dâi kráp (for male speaker).

No, I can’t = mâi dâi ká (for female speaker) or mâi dâi kráp (for male speaker).


That’s it, guys! To speak Thai is VERY EASY!!

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As always enjoy!


Thai Language Teacher