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Thai Food

Learn Thai Food: น้ำพริกอ่อง (Nám-prík Òng)

Thai Dip Sauce | Nám-prík Òng น้ำพริกอ่อง (Nám-prík Òng)

Nám-prík is Thai food. It is a kind of dip sauce that you can eat with many kinds of vegetable. The important ingredient is chilli. There are many kinds of Nám-prík.

Nám-prík Òng is a famous local Nám-prík in the north of Thailand. The main ingredients are dried chilli, tomato, shallot, and minced pork. The colour orange of Nám-prík Òng is from tomato and dried chilli. We pound the ingredients together and then fry it until the pork is cooked. There are 4 flavours, sour, salty, a little spicy, and sweet.


พริกแห้ง  /prík hâeng/  =  dried chili

มะเขือเทศ  /má-kǔe-têt/ = tomato

หอมแดง  /hǒrm daeng/  =  shallot

หมูสับ  /mǔu-sàp/  =  minced pork

เปรี้ยว  /bprîaw/  =  sour

เค็ม  /kem/   =  salty

เผ็ด  /pèt/  =  spicy

หวาน  /wǎan/  =  sweet

Enjoyed eating ka!

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