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Thai Food

Learn Thai Food: น้ำพริกกะปิ (Nám-prík Gà-bpì)

Thai Dip Sauce | Nám-prík Gà-bpì

Nám-prík is Thai food. It is a kind of dip sauce that you can eat with many kinds of vegetable. The important ingredient is a chilli. There are many kinds of Nám-prík.

Nám-prík Gà-bpì is one of Nám-prík. The main ingredient is a shrimp paste. You can eat Nám-prík Gà-bpì with fried Mackerel, vegetable, or fried Cha-om with egg


ไข่ทอดชะอม /kài tord Cha-om/ = fried Cha-om with egg

กะปิ /gà-bpì/  =  Shrimp paste

ปลาทูทอด /bplaa-tuu-tôrd/ = fried Mackerel

ผัก  /pàk/  =  vegetable

Haaaa, are you hungry? I think I need to go to get some Nám-prík Gà-bpì with vegetable and fried Mackerel for my lunch ^_^…

Enjoyed eating ka!


Thai Language Teacher