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Learn Thai Online or English Online anywhere with internet based private lessons from Thai Language Hut delivered over Skype. Many students have travel or work commitments that physically prevent them from attending training classes at our School in Bangkok. This has meant often large gaps between training and missed lessons. On return students find themselves unable to recall previously learned information so readily and so time is wasted recapping and reviewing. This can prove unmotivational and can lead to some students stopping their study. We have worked with our students to develop a highly flexible Online delivery solution which has proven exceptionally popular to both students learning occasionally online and those leaning online only.

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Why Learn Online with Thai Language Hut School?

> Never miss a lesson
> Drip feed learning more effective than large blocks
> Follow the same quality materials as School based lessons
> Same professional private lessons built around your needs (speed, knowledge and interest)
> Can Mix and Match Online Learning with lessons at the school
> Lessons can be cancelled, extended or moved with 24 hours notice (where possible)
> Lessons are open for 1 year


You may Mix and Match your Online Training with training at our language school in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand at no additional cost. Or for an additional cost we can deliver your training at a location of your choice in Bangkok as well as learning Online. The choice is yours. This is a highly flexible student focused program developed from training professionals and distance learners from around the world.

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