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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai Proverb | ผิดเป็นครู pìt bpen kruu | Learn from your mistakes

Thai PhrasesHow to say, ‘learn from your mistakes’ in Thai

Hi everyone,

How did you like my last Thai Proverb blog?

Today I have more interesting Thai proverb for you.

When you make a mistake, just tell yourself that ผิดเป็นครู /pìt bpen kruu/.

ผิดเป็นครู /pìt bpen kruu/ literally means “mistake is a teacher”. Oh wait, I am a “teacher” but it does not mean I am a “mistaken”, yes? >_< (sometimes even I make a mistake!)

In English, this proverb is “Learn from experience”

Just learn from your mistakes and try not repeat the same mistake twice 🙂

Thai Language Teacher