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Thai Culture

Learn Thai: Thai Spirit House | Joss house ศาลพระภูมิ

Thai Spirit House | Joss house(ศาลพระภูมิ-sǎan-prá-puum )

Learn Thai cultureHand in hand with their Buddhist faith, Thais still hold many animist beliefs. Spirit worship is widely practised and spirit houses can be seen on the corner of most residential and commercial properties. By providing the spirits (good and evil) with shelter, it’s hoped that they will protect houses or buildings from any harm or mischief. To make sure the spirits are kept happy, offerings of incense, fruit, flowers or rice are made every day.


incense – ธูป (tôop)

fruit – ผลไม้ (pŏn-lá-mái)

flowers – ดอกไม้ (dòk mái)

rice – ข้าว (kâao)

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher