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Thai Vocabulary

Thai Vocabulary | Enough | พอ pɔɔ

How to say Enough in ThaiExplanations in Thai

Sàwàtdii kâ,

Hi everyone in this Thai lesson I will talking about the adjective “Enough “

Adjective | Enough

There is a pattern  – Enough with Nouns

Example :

1. Chan mii ngәәn pɔɔ.


I have enough money.

2. Jane mii ngәәn mâi pɔɔ.


Jane don’t have enough money.

3. Hâa láan bàat nâa jà pɔɔ


Five million baht should be enough.

4. pɔɔ lɛ́ɛo


Enough is enough. Enough already!

5. Káo mii ngәn pɔɔ tîi jà sᵾ́ᵾ rót


He/ She has enough money to buy a car.

Have you had enough?!!! I hope you learned something new from this short Thai lesson.

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I hope to see you at my next lesson.

By  Tik
Thai Language Teacher