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Learn Thai: Open & Close and Turn On & Turn Off

On Off Open or Close Different Thai Phrases Different words for On and Off in the Thai language

Can I open a TV??!?

Can you close the light??!!?

Foreigners are used to hearing Thais speaking like this.

Don’t be confused because they mean

“Can I turn on a TV?” and

“Can you switch off the light?”

In Thai language, we say “bpèrt” which means “to open, to turn on, to switch on”,

And we say “bpìt” which means “to close, to turn off, to switch off”.

For example :

Kǒr bpèrt TV dâi mái (ká / kráp)?

= Can I turn on a TV?

Bpèrtbprà dtuu.

= Open a door.

Chûay bpìtfai dâi mái (ká / kráp)?

= Can you switch off the light?

Bpìt nǎng-sǔu.

= Close a book.

That’s why Thai people say “open” instead of “turn on”,and also “close” instead of“turn off”.

From now on, I hope you can understand Thai people more..

Umm.. It’s too bright here, could you please turn off the window for me?!?

Oops I did say it again!! ^o^

Hope you enjoyed learning Thai.

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