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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Phrases and Vocabulary | At the Pharmacy

Pharmacy conversational words to help you  Top Tips for Learning Thai

Sàwàtdii kâ

Nobody wants to be sick but many times it happens. Sometimes you need to go to the hospital but sometimes if you are just feeling unwell you can go to the pharmacy instead.

Thai Pharmacy | Chemist Phrases and Vocabulary

ร้านขายยา /ráan-kǎai-yaa/ = pharmacy

ยา /yaa/ = medicine

แก้ /gɛ̂ɛ /= to fix, to cure

ยาแก้ / yaa-gɛ̂ɛ/ + symptoms = medicine which cures that symptom

ปวด /bpùat/ = pain, hurt

ยาแก้ปวด  /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -bpùat/= Painkiller

ปวดท้อง /bpùat- tɔ́ɔng/ = stomach ache

ยาแก้ปวดท้อง /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ-bpùat- tɔ́ɔng/= stomach ache medicine

ปวดหัว /bpùat-hǔa/= headache

ยาแก้ปวดหัว /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -bpùat-hǔa /= headache medicine

ไอ /ai/ = cough

ยาแก้ไอ /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -ai/ = cough syrup

หวัด /wàt/ = a cold

ยาแก้หวัด /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -wàt/ = cold medicine

คัน /kan/ = itchy

ยาแก้คัน /yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -kan/ = antipruritic

The magic word when you would like to ask for something is ขอ / kɔ̌ɔ/+ _______  = May I have ______?

So if you would like to have cough syrup, you can say:

ขอยาแก้ไอค่ะ/ครับ /kɔ̌ɔ yaa-gɛ̂ɛ -ai kâ (kráp)/ = May I have cough syrup?

Hope this blog is useful for you.

ao yaa à-rai ká? (What kind of  medicine do you want?)

Doctor Jang is ready to help you!

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