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Learn Thai: Vocabulary in Thai Family

sà-wàt-dii kâ. Today I would like to teach you online Thai lesson in vocabularies about family.And i also hope you enjoy learning Thai online with our school and keep practicing.


ครอบครัว /krɔ̂ɔp-krua/ = family

พ่อ /pɔ̂ɔ/ = father

แม่ /mɛ̂ɛ/ = mother

พ่อแม่ /pɔ̂ɔ- mɛ̂ɛ / = parents

ลูกชาย /lûuk-chaai/ = son

ลูกสาว /lûuk- sǎao/ = daughter

ลูก /lûuk/ = child, kid

ปู่ /bpùu/ = grandfather (father’s father)

ย่า /yâa/ = grandmother (father’s mother)

ตา /dtaa/ = grandfather (mother’s father)

ยาย /yaai/ = grandmother (mother’s mother)

พี่ /pîi/ = older sibling

พี่ชาย /pîi-chaai/ = older brother

พี่สาว /pîi-sǎao/ = older sister

น้อง /nɔ́ɔng/ = younger sibling

น้องชาย /nɔ́ɔng-chaai/ = younger brother

น้องสาว /nɔ́ɔng-sǎao / = younger sister

พี่น้อง /nɔ́ɔng- pîi/ = siblings

อา /aa/ = father’s younger siblings

น้า /náa/ = mother’s younger siblings

ป้า /bpâa/ = aunt (older sister of parents)

ลุง /lung/ = uncle (older brother of parents)

หลานชาย /lǎan-chaai/ = grandson, nephew

หลานสาว /lǎan- sǎao/ = granddaughter, niece

หลาน  /lǎan/ = grandchild, child of your siblings

ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง /lûuk-pîi-lûuk-nɔ́ɔng/ = cousin

Thai Language Hut school help you to learn Thai

Now you can see, there are a big family in Thailad! hehehehe

Hope you enjoy Thai vocabularies!

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One Comment

  1. Feb 11, 2011
    2:02 pm

    Margaret Greatorex

    This is very good but I can’t copy the Thai writing because the print is too small.

    I am still thinking about your tourist course or beginners course.

    I would have to do this on skype as I live in Australia.

    Maybe this year.




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