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Thai Grammar – Dead syllables / Live syllables: คำเป็น – คำตาย

 As you may or may not know already Thai language is a tonal language. As a Thai Language Teacher it is one of the first things I teach at our Thai Language School. To learn how to read and write Thai correctly, you will need to know the dead syllables and live syllables because they come with the tonal sounds. The dead syllables and live syllable will help to conjugate the tones. This is important in Thai grammar and making yourself understood when speaking Thai!

These are examples of the words that consist of dead syllables and live syllables

Dead syllables

·Syllables/words end in Short vowels



·Syllables/words end in Stop final letters



Live syllables

·Syllables/words end in Long vowels



·Syllables/words end in Sonorant final letters



Now you can have some ideas about dead syllables and live syllables. See Thai grammar is not that difficult!

Kru Mulan J (Thai Language Teacher)

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Alex Roy (Canada) June 2013

I really enjoyed learning Thai with you. I like the friendly approach of the school. Very good team continue like this. Hope to be back in September. Alex Roy (Canada) June 2013