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Learn Thai: Pronouns

learn thai online | Pronouns


I, me (male speaker)                  =      pǒm

I, me (female speaker)                =      chán

You                                          =      kun

He, She, him, her                       =      káo

We, us                                      =      rao

They , them                               =      pûak-káo

It                                              =      man


Possessive Pronouns

 Use the word  “kɔ̆ɔng” + Pronoun / Noun


My, mine                                   =      kɔ̆ɔng pǒm, kɔ̆ɔng chán

Your                                          =      kɔ̆ɔng kun

His, Her                                     =      kɔ̆ɔng káo

Our                                           =      kɔ̆ɔng rao

Their                                         =      kɔ̆ɔng pûak-káo

Its                                            =      kɔ̆ɔng man


By Prae
Thai Language Teacher

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Christian Richter (German) October 2013

I enjoyed every hour in the classroom. The classes were perfect, I’m impressed how quick it was to learn Thai, especially the Thai script. I’m not going to stop learning and have already booked my next course. I’d have no problem recommending this school. Christian Richter (German) October 2013