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Learn Thai through Thai children song : Cháang (elephant)

Today, we are going to learn Thai children song, “Cháang” (elephant). Let’s sing together!




cháang, cháang, cháang, cháang, cháang!      ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง ช้าง

Elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant!


náwng kery hěn cháang rú-bplào?         น้องเคยเห็นช้างรึเปล่า

Have you ever seen it, dear?


cháang man dtua dtoh mâi bao                ช้างมันตัวโตไม่เบา

The elephant is extremely big


jà-mùuk yaao yaao rîak wâa nguang       จมูกยาวยาวเรียกว่างวง

The long nose is called “trunk”


mii kiâw dtâi nguang rîak wâa ngaa         มีเขี้ยวใต้งวง เรียกว่างา

There is a fang under the trunk is called “tusk”  


mii hǔu mii dtaa hǎang yaao         มีหูมีตา หางยาว

Have ears, eyes, and long tail!


náwng            =          younger person

kery                 =          ever, used to

___rú-bplào   =          (question particle) ___or not?

dtua                =          body

dtoh                =          big

_____mâi bao              =   (expression) very_____, extremely _____

jà-mùuk          =          nose

rîak wâa         =          to be called that___________

nguang          =          trunk

kiâw                =          fang, canine tooth

ngaa               =          tusk

hǔu                 =          ear

dtaa                =          eye

hǎang             =          tail


Hope you enjoy singing!

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