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Category Archives: Testimonials

I found the school friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed the ‘acting’ and practice conversations in Thai. Thank you! It was good to make a start. I hope I can practice what I have learned and go further later next year. Amanda (Welsh) March 2014

Premises are adequate. Teachers (I had mostly Jang but also Prae) were very good. I asked for a program of 3/4 oral and 1/4 written and this was followed. I’ll be continuing to learn online and in person next year. I’d have no problem recommending the school. John Peters (Canadian) March 2014

Steve is a longtime student with our school. He has booked more than 5 sessions with us and continues to support us both locally here in Bangkok and in Chicago his home city. As he comments in his latest student feedback form, ‘I have recommended you to many people.’ Thank you Steve from all at […]

All the teachers have been wonderful – very personable and talented. Maybe incorporate some videos such as watching a TV commercial and using that for vocab and comprehension. Not sure when I can start a new course again as I’m starting a new job but I’d have no problem recommending the school to friends or […]

Appreciate the patience and excellent instruction I have experience. I can recommend this. Scott James (Australian) November 2013

I enjoyed every hour in the classroom. The classes were perfect, I’m impressed how quick it was to learn Thai, especially the Thai script. I’m not going to stop learning and have already booked my next course. I’d have no problem recommending this school. Christian Richter (German) October 2013

Sometimes I would like move homework. Teachers are very friendly and fun. The lesson is fun. I enjoy it. There is a good atmosphere in the lesson. Thank you very much I really enjoyed the lesson :-). I have no problem recommending the school. Domenica (Australian) June 2013

The teaching at my office went well. Good teaching skills – professional teacher – I really can recommend Khun Jang Thomas Maier (German) August 2013

Jang taught me in a very professional manner. Thai Language Hut is very well organised but they may need to update the facilities, however I enoyed the lessons very much and have no problem recommending them. Fujisaki (Japan) August 2013

To Whom It May Concern: I cannot recommend the team at Thai Language Hut (TLH) highly enough.My teachers (Prae, Jang &Tik)do an amazing job of assisting their students, as do the TLH Business Managers (Mark & Nut). At Thai Language Hut, you are not just another number walking through the door! Prior to learning at […]

Followed textbook chapters very well and adjusted the speed to match the student’s knowledge of each chapter. Professional and friendly and being walkable from the BTS is a strong plus. I’d like to see more homework materials for my daughter but this is now promised. Have booked again. Craig Symons and daughter, Maia (American) July […]

I really enjoyed learning Thai with you. I like the friendly approach of the school. very good team. Continue like this. Hope to be back in September. Alex Roy (Canada) June 2013

Prae is not only very nice and friendly but also very good prepared. It’s fun learning with her and she always sets the target a little bit higher. Excellent! Thanks again to Khun Prae and Khun Jang and all the others at TLH. I’m happy to recommend you and will be back soon hopefully. Thomas […]

Thank you for your smile + kindness. I am happy to recommend you. Only one criticism please add repaint your training rooms

I thought school very good, better than xxxxxx school because the teachers better at reviewing things instead of teaching lots and never going back resulting in me forgetting lots. I’m happy to recommend to people I know and want to come back in 4 months. Darren Beck (British) 2013

To Whom it may Concern: This is a note of gratitude for all the help your teacher Jang has given me throughout the past year. Not only is she kind, patient, and funny, but she has the unique ability to recognize what we (teachers in the United States) call “teachable moments”. These are moments that […]

Dear Kun Prae, Kun Tik, Kun Jang and everyone at TLH, Just shouting out a big KAWPKUN KRAP for teaching me and helping me learn Thai language…it was awesome fun and I think i progressed my skills quite some way too thanks to you. You guys are the best!!!!! So thanks again, and i’m loooking […]

Great job by Kru Tik, Prae and Kru Jang. Very good explanation of word meanings and context. Matt (Canada) April 2013

All excellent but sometimes better English could help. I’ll be coming back next trip. Happy to recommend the school. Thank you Tracy Daniels (American) April 2013

It’s great to have the possibility to train on the spot (classroom) or by Skype and it’s a great pleasure to study with Khun Prae! Everything perfect, I have no problem recommending the school and I will continue to learn by Skype. Khob khun maak ka Sibylle Hess (Swiss) May 2013

Very friendly and helpful teachers thank you Jang and Prae. I liked having a variety of teachers it keeps lessons fresh and interesting. I don’t think the text book was the right level when I 1st started but these was quickly identified and changed. I’d like to see more variety in lesson choices ie small […]

Today is the day when the Thai Language has opened up for me. The ‘aha’ moment when my vocabulary is large enough to get the gist of what people are talking about – its still yaak mak mak but I’m enjoying learning Thai more than before. Thanks to all at Thai Language Hut :-).

A big thank you to all at Thai Language Hut. Once again, have enjoyed learning Thai and will recommend your Thai Language School to anyone who wants to learn the Thai language :-).

I enjoyed the 1-on-1 interaction with my teacher very much. They teach you in a (sometimes) funny, but still professional way. I find it a good idea of the school to let teachers and students interact with each other on a social basis like dinners, movies or (beach) trip :-). That is a good way […]

Thanks for the experience, overall it was what I wanted. I like the open learning experience suited to what the student needs to learn or likes to learn. I’ll certainly recommend your school. I’ll be back at the end of the year to continue my learning. Glen Loader (Canadian) January 2013

I’ve really improved my reading of Thai also engaged in conversation every lesson which is really good. I can happily recommend this course.

A fun class, with clear practical examples and also very informative with a lot of practice. I am very happy with my classes and teachers. I am learning so much and I am sure I will be able to acquire the language in time. I can recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

All the teacher have been excellent and I can’t thank them enough. I have enjoyed learning at TLH and wish to continue learning online once in the UK and again once I return to Thailand in 2013.

Always friendly and positive! Good encouragement when things get hard. Always very helpful. For me maybe more set homework would make me do more out of class. Convenient and good facility I have both recommended to my friends and already booked my next sessions.

I loved both teachers both were professional and friendly. Prae is very precise in pronunciation – I loved that. I can certainly recommend the school. I still have so much more to learn so I’m studying more right now.

All good. Looking forward to continuing my studies. You guys have fantastic teachers!

A very flexible approach with good conversation and topics which is not overly reliant on text books combined with nice social events to get to meet other teachers and students. I recommend it.

English Email correspondence staff training for Thai out-bound sales. Andrew was great he has given our staff the confidence to use English well by developing an extended vocabulary and new writing styles to correspond with our clients. I’m certain this will help their communication with their clients.

Good course for the whole family! Special thanks for being so flexible with timing. We can happily recommend this course to our friends. Jori Kaaresmaa (Finnish) October 2012

All teachers are excellent only the this student is bad. I’m making faster progress than I ever would have imagined Levy (French) November 2012  

I’ve had an ‘Ace’ experience and will come back again once I’ve worked out my schedule. Yiorgos (Australian) December 2012

The only language school that answered my email – very quick and very professional! Thank you. I really enjoyed my classes and will continue my studies with online Thai lessons using Skype. Sibylle Hess (Swiss) June 2012

I really enjoyed my Thai lessons again. The 30 lessons greatly improved my Thai. I’ll be back again next time I’m in Thailand. Thank you Thai Language Hut. Alonzo Marrer (Swiss) November 2012.

I had an amazing time at TLH and learned so much. I wish I could stay longer. Thank you very much. Henry Jurgens (September 2012) German

It’s very nice that teachers are friendly and professional and having parties with students. I enjoyed studying with you. Thank you. Keiko (Japanese) June 2012

Thanks a lot. I have achieved my objective – to be able to read and write in Thai. Angus 2012 (Scottish)

Thank you for the indepth knowledge you have imparted, to join up some the dots not only in my language training but in my adaption to life here. A big well done to all for getting me to read and write Thai! Tim Brian (British) 2012

I thank Khun Jang for 20 lessons in thai language in summer 2012. Always taking my needs into account she made every lesson interesting, diversified and pleasurable. I enjoyed the time very much and I will come back in 2013. Thomas Wernecke, (Germany) August 2012

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at Thai Language Hut. Jang and Prae constantly gave me positive feedback and supportive encouragement. I cannot wait to return and continue my Thai language studies. Thank you, Ron Szili  (Australian) 2012

After five years living and hard work in Thailand  many times that I tried to learn paasaa Thai by myself which did not work out! I thought it is time the do something about it, after looking around I came across The Thai Language Hut school, led by a husband and wife team Nat and […]

I like Thai Language Hut very much, and I like the way teachers work there. Classes and days spent in this school are lot of fun, and I am very proud for being able to speak Thai now. I like to speak, write and read Thai. Thai language is a very beautiful and funny language […]

The school is friendly and welcoming – but staff are very professional – nice balance. Both teachers Bobo and Prae were great. The teaching aids are solid. I will continue my studies online in the US with my tutor and will study more at Thai Language Hut when I’m next in Thailand. Mark Dyer (USA) […]

I spent ages trying to find a good Thai language school and I believe that I was lucky enough to find the best one. They were friendly, inexpensive, efficient, extremely professional and the standard of teaching was very high (I am a teacher myself). Within 25 hours I was able to read and write Thai; […]

Thank you Thai Language Hut  for helping me feel welcome and capable as an “older” student. I love the teaching environment that is comfortable and convient location.Your teaching methods are effective and fun – I just can’t get enough and know with time I will confidently be able to no longer paasa thai nit noy […]

I have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Jang. I hope and pray you will continue and prosper in spreading the knowledge about the fascinating and intricate language of the Thai people! Britta Ohlzon (Sweden) December 2012

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