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Learn Thai: Thai Slang

Hi everyone.

How is your Thai? I hope now you can speak the Thai language very well!

Today I will teach you more Thai slang;

-อีแอบ (E-àbb) = gay (who does not show to the public)

-ขะนี (chá nee) = female (using by shemale)

-ดี้ (dêe)= lesbian (girly one)

-ทอม (tom)=lesbian (tomboy one)

-กิ๊ก (gíg) = secret lover sex slave

-ห่วย (hùay) = Suck!!

-งี่เง่า (ngêe Ngâo) = idiot ,fool

-เจ้าชู้ (jâo chúu) = player, playboy

-เจ๋ง (jěng) = cool!!

-เฒ่าหัวงู (tâo hǔa nguu) = dirty old man

-แฉ (chǎe) = to reveal or to divulge a secret

-แซบ (sâeb) = delicious

- เซ็ง (Seng) = have no fun, bored

- แจ๋ว (jǎew) = cool , great , excellent , wonderful , splendid

- ติ๊งต๊อง (dting dtóng)= funny, amusing, uncommon , unusual , odd , queer, peculiar

- วีน (ween) = act madly , act wildly , act violently

- วีนแตก (ween dtàek) = act madly , act wildly , act violently

- ขาวีน (kǎa ween) = make trouble person, stir up trouble person

- เกาเหลา ( gao lǎo ) = adversary , opponent , antagonist


Hope this can help you to learn Thai and speak Thai language very well!


Thai Language Teacher


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Student Testimonials

Keith Ward (United Kingdom) March 2013

A big thank you to all at Thai Language Hut. Once again, have enjoyed learning Thai and will recommend your Thai Language School to anyone who wants to learn the Thai language :-).