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Learn Thai: Thai Slang

Hi everyone.

How is your Thai? I hope now you can speak the Thai language very well!

Today I will teach you more Thai slang;

-อีแอบ (E-àbb) = gay (who does not show to the public)

-ขะนี (chá nee) = female (using by shemale)

-ดี้ (dêe)= lesbian (girly one)

-ทอม (tom)=lesbian (tomboy one)

-กิ๊ก (gíg) = secret lover sex slave

-ห่วย (hùay) = Suck!!

-งี่เง่า (ngêe Ngâo) = idiot ,fool

-เจ้าชู้ (jâo chúu) = player, playboy

-เจ๋ง (jěng) = cool!!

-เฒ่าหัวงู (tâo hǔa nguu) = dirty old man

-แฉ (chǎe) = to reveal or to divulge a secret

-แซบ (sâeb) = delicious

- เซ็ง (Seng) = have no fun, bored

- แจ๋ว (jǎew) = cool , great , excellent , wonderful , splendid

- ติ๊งต๊อง (dting dtóng)= funny, amusing, uncommon , unusual , odd , queer, peculiar

- วีน (ween) = act madly , act wildly , act violently

- วีนแตก (ween dtàek) = act madly , act wildly , act violently

- ขาวีน (kǎa ween) = make trouble person, stir up trouble person

- เกาเหลา ( gao lǎo ) = adversary , opponent , antagonist


Hope this can help you to learn Thai and speak Thai language very well!


Thai Language Teacher


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