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Learn Thai Script | Different Thai fonts

How can you read Thai Script with Different Fonts

Hi everyone

Have you ever tried to read Thai signs with strange Thai fonts before? It can be quite difficult. In this blog we will practice with some come common Thai fonts.

For Example:

Beware of the dog in Thai language ระวังสุนัขดุระวังสุนัขดุ = Beware of savage dog!

ระวัง /rá-wang/ = to be careful, watch out for

สุนัข /sù-nák/ = dog

ดุ /dù/ = fierce, ferocious



please take off your shoes กรุณาถอดรองเท้ากรุณาถอดรองเท้า /gà-rú-naa tɔ̀ɔt rɔɔng-táo/ = Please take your shoes off!

กรุณา = please


ถอด = to take off

รองเท้า = shoes




ยินดีต้อนรับ = Welcome!

ยินดี /yin-dii/ = to be happy, glad

ต้อนรับ /dtɔ̂ɔn-ráp/ = to welcome, greet



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ก่อนนอน /gɔ̀ɔn nɔɔn/ = Before sleep!

ก่อน /gɔ̀ɔn/ = before

นอน /nɔɔn/ = tก่อนนอน /gɔ̀ɔn nɔɔn/ = Before sleep!o sleep





I hope you have learnt something new and that you have enjoyed this blog.

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher

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