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Beginners Thai Language Course

Beginners Thai Language Course

Course Length Description Audience
90 hours  Introduction to Thai language with situational examples and a focus on basic conversation to help the student build a solid and confident foundation in Thai. Foundation course open to new students of the Thai language.


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Course Book : Thai for Beginners

by Benjawan Poonsan Becker, Paiboon Publishing
Table of Contents

Guide to Pronunciation Lesson 1

Greetings; polite particles; yes-no questions; personal pronouns; cardinal and ordinal numbers; the Thai writing system; consonant classes; determining tone in written Thai; middle consonants; long vowels; tone marks

Lesson 2

‘bpen’, ‘yùu’ (to be); more vowels; live and dead syllables; tone rules for middle consonants

Lesson 3

Colors; ‘jà’ (future tense); ‘dâai’ (can); more vowels; complex vowels; final consonants; Seven vowels that change their forms; tone rules for middle consonants (cont.)

Lesson 4

Telling time; high consonants; tone rules for high consonants

Lesson 5

Days of the week; months; tone marks with high consonants; low consonants introduced

Lesson 6

‘ao’, ‘yàak’ (to want); ‘gam-lang’ (to be…ing); tone rules for low consonants

Lesson 7

‘dâi-yin’ (to hear); ‘jam’ (to remember); ‘nככn-làp’ (to fall asleep); ‘mככng’ (to look); tone rules for low consonants (cont.)

Lesson 8

Body parts; everyday life; special อ; Silent ห

Lesson 9

Family and kinship terms; occupations; animals; how to use ใ; other features of written Thai

Lesson 10

Comparisons; adjectives; classifiers

Appendix I

Summary to the Thai Writing System

Appendix II

Test and Writing Exercise Answers

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Student Testimonials

Wu Huan Nuan (Malaysian)

เรียนภาษาไทยที่นีสนุก   ผมชอบโรงเรียน  ผมชอบเรียนอ่าน และ เขียนภาษาไทย   I really enjoyed a ‘walk about training’. Wu Huan Nuan (Malaysian)