Learn Thai| Possessive Pronouns

Learn Thai| Possessive Pronouns

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Thai Pronouns

Some common Thai Pronouns to help you address people and yourself correctly.

Standard Pronouns

I, me (male speaker) =      pǒm I, me (female speaker) =      chán You =      kun He, She, him, her =      káo We, us =      rao They, them =      pûak-káo It =      man  

Possessive Pronouns

 Use the word  “kɔ̆ɔng” + Pronoun / Noun
  My, mine =      kɔ̆ɔng pǒm, kɔ̆ɔng chán Your =      kɔ̆ɔng kun His, Her =      kɔ̆ɔng káo Our =      kɔ̆ɔng rao Their =      kɔ̆ɔng pûak-káo Its =      kɔ̆ɔng man   Go practice na :-) By Prae Thai Language Teacher Learn Thai ka now! Free Trial Thai lesson    

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